Clin Surg | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Case Series | Open Access

Severe Burn Injury Caused by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Two Case Reports

Wei Jiang1#, Chun Liu2#, Jun-Hui Song1, Cheng-Ying Meng1, Shi-Ping Lu1, Jia-Yan Hu1, Yan Zhou1, Shun-Ying Zhou1, You-Xin Yu1, Ye-Xiang Sun1 and De-Lin Hu1*

1Department of Burn, The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, China
2Department of Emergency Surgery, People's Hospital of Chizhou City, China
#These authors contributed to the work equally and should be regarded as co-first authors

*Correspondance to: Delin Hu 

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CO poisoning is the most common cause of injuries and deaths after poisoning worldwide. Exposed charcoals and furnaces are often used for heating in parts of world. When CO poisoning occurs in a coma, people may faint on burning charcoal and furnace, and suffer severe burns. This article reports two cases of severe burns caused by CO poisoning, and the first patient even required amputation of his left leg. Besides, the long and painful treatments and irreversible changes in appearance and function have brought huge economic pressure and serious psychological barriers to patients. Therefore, education and prevention of CO poisoning are indeed worthy of attention.


Jiang W, Liu C, Song J-H, Meng C-Y, Lu S-P, Hu J-Y, et al. Severe Burn Injury Caused by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Two Case Reports. Clin Surg. 2022; 7: 3447..

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