Clin Surg | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Endovascular Treatment of Basilar Artery Stenosis with Drug-Eluting Balloon

Yang Z1, Yang B2, Liu S1 and Chi L2*

1Department of Neurology, Yongchuan Hospital, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China
2Department of Neurology, Yongchuan District Hospital, Chongqing, China

*Correspondance to: Luxiang Chi 

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Cerebral arterial stenosis is a leading cause of stroke and insufficient blood supply. Percutaneous Transluminal Cerebral Angioplasty and Stenting (PTCAS) have been identified as an efficient therapy to treat vertebrobasilar stenosis. Angioplasty with drug-eluting balloon is one of the endovascular treatments to obtain a good vessel patency and to improve patency in the long term follow-up. However, the feasibility to treat the basilar artery stenosis by Drug-Eluting Balloon has not been reported previously. We report a case of a 74-year-old woman with a severe stenosis of basilar artery stenosis that was treated successfully using Drug-Eluting Balloon procedure. The favorable outcomes observed in this patient suggests that drug- eluting balloon may be a promising treatment option for basilar artery stenosis.


Endovascular; Basilar Arterystenosis; Drug-Eluting Balloon


Yang Z, Yang B, Liu S, Chi L. Endovascular Treatment of Basilar Artery Stenosis with Drug-Eluting Balloon. Clin Surg. 2020; 5: 2795..

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