Clin Surg | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Management Outcomes of Acute Appendicitis at Mettu Karl Hospital, Ethiopia

Yonas Yilma* and Lidya Gemechu

Department of Surgery, Jimma University, Ethiopia

*Correspondance to: Yonas Yilma 

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Background: Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the vermiform appendix. It is classified as a surgical emergency and many cases require removal of the inflamed appendix either by laparotomy or laparoscopy. Objectives: To determine the prevalence and management outcome of acute appendicitis in Mettu Karl Hospital. Methods: Retrospective review of hospital records of all 245 cases with acute appendicitis surgically managed in Mettu Karl Hospital. From January 1, 2014 through December 30, 2016 Secondary data was collected using structured check list, checked for its completeness, entered, edited, cleaned and analyzed by SPSS version 16.1. Descriptive analysis was used to describe socio-demographic variables and logistic regression was carried out to see the effect of independent variables on outcome of acute appendicitis. Significant factors were reported at p<0.05. The result was presented using tables, graphs and diagrams. Results: A 245 patients were operated for acute appendicitis. Of whom there were 150 (61.2%) males and 95 (38.8%) females giving male to female ratio of 1.57:1. Abdominal pain was main presenting compliant in 245 (100%) and right lower quadrant abdominal tenderness was the dominant physical finding in 201 (82%) of these patients. Appendectomy was done for 173 (70.6%) patients. The predominant postoperative complication was postoperative wound infection in 18/245 (7.4%). Death rate of patients due to appendicitis was 1/245 (0.4%). The average length of hospital stays was 6.5 days. Age of patients has statistically significant association with risk factors of (AOR=4.167, 95% CI: 5.212-3.332 P-value = <0.000), those patients whose ages <30 years were 4.167 times more likely to have affected when compared with patients older than 30 years of age. Conclusion and Recommendation: Acute appendicitis mainly affects the young population group in the second decades of life and males are more vulnerable and its prevalence was 245/576 (42.5%). The main presenting compliant, physical finding, intraoperative finding, and postoperative complication were abdominal pain, right lower quadrant abdominal tenderness, inflamed appendix, and postoperative wound infection respectively.


Acute appendicitis; Wound infection; Abdominal pain


Yilma Y, Gemechu L. Management Outcomes of Acute Appendicitis at Mettu Karl Hospital, Ethiopia. Clin Surg. 2019; 4: 2676..

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