Clin Surg | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

A Recurrent Cholesteatoma Presenting as a Pinna Lesion

Sarah Akbar*

Department of ENT, North West England School of Surgery, UK

*Correspondance to: Sarah Akbar 

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Background: Cholesteatoma is a recognized destructive benign lesion that has the potential to cause serious complications when surgical intervention is delayed. Case Report: A 23 year old female with a background of right-sided mastoid surgery for cholesteatoma, attended ENT clinic with a lesion of the right pinna. Attempted aspiration of the assumed pinna abscess was unsuccessful. Investigations: A CT scan of the temporal bones showed extensive residual soft tissue in the right external ear, middle ear and mastoid; features suggestive of recurrent cholesteatoma. Management: The patient was listed for urgent mastoid exploration; dissection and removal of the recurring cholesteatoma was carried out. Intra-operative findings included a sinus tracking from the cholesteatoma site in middle ear to the pinna. Discussion: External ear cholesteatomas are a rare entity and often manifest with minimal symptoms. Referring clinicians should be aware of atypically-presenting cholesteatomas, which can lead to a delay in diagnosis, worse prognosis and increased incidence of complications. Present with atypical or even an absence of symptoms of a recurrent cholesteatoma. Often, the referring clinician is unaware of nonconforming presentations of the disease which can invariably lead to diagnostic delay, a poorer prognosis and an increased incidence of adverse complications.


Otolaryngology; Cholesteatoma; Mastoidectomy; Education


Akbar S. A Recurrent Cholesteatoma Presenting as a Pinna Lesion. Clin Surg. 2021; 6: 3263..

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