Clin Surg | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Through Knee Amputation: A Neglected Alternative to above Knee Amputation

Bergman H* and Metcalfe M

Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK

*Correspondance to: Henry Bergman 

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Lower limb amputation is a major, life-changing procedure associated with high levels of morbidity and mortality. The care surrounding an amputation requires a thoroughly planned MDT approach, with careful consideration of pre-operative medical, surgical and functional optimization. Planning needs to be individualized to each patient and must include their functional needs and capacity for rehabilitation. In modern practice, lower limb amputations are most commonly performed at the Below-Knee (BKA) or Above Knee (AKA) level. Despite well documented functional benefits over AKA, the lesser known Through-Knee Amputation (TKA) seems to have fallen out of favor with vascular surgeons, comprising less than 2% of major lower limb amputations.


Bergman H, Metcalfe M. Through Knee Amputation: A Neglected Alternative to above Knee Amputation. Clin Surg. 2020; 5: 3020..

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