Clin Surg | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Secretory Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland: First Case Reported in Brazil

Jônatas C de Freitas1, Rodrigo S Honório2, Liandra R de S Barbosa3*, Francieudo J Rolim1 and Luis AA Ferreira1

1Department of Surgery, Federal University of Ceará-UFC, Brazil
2Department of Pathology, Albert Sabin Children's Hospital, Brazil
3Department of Medicine, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil

*Correspondance to: Liandra R de S Barbosa 

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The Mammary Analogue Secretory Carcinoma or MASC was first described by Skálová et al. [2]. In most cases, it presents as a low-grade histological tumor, with a low degree of aggressiveness and a relatively benign course; however, it has the potential to undergo a high-grade malignant transformation. The MASC usually presents as a nodule or small mass in the region of the parotid gland, which is not associated with any other symptoms. Here were port the case of patient treated in of Head and Neck Surgery Service of the Medical School of Federal University of Ceará with a nodule in the parotid region for whom a parotidectomy was indicated. The histopathological examination showed the presence of a mammary analogue secretory carcinoma, the first case reported in Brazil, to the best of our knowledge. Due to the compromised margins and extensive perineural invasion, adjuvant radio therapy was indicated. The patient is in good overall condition, with no evidence of disease after one year of treatment.


de Freitas JC, Hon�rio RS, de S Barbosa LR, Rolim FJ, Ferreira LAA. Secretory Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland: First Case Reported in Brazil.Clin Surg. 2019; 4: 2286.

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