Clin Surg | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Case Report: Recurrent Giant Symptomatic Colonic Cyst

Daniel Hwang, Justin Davis and Izi Obokhare*

Department of Surgery, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Amarillo, USA

*Correspondance to: Izi Obokhare 

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Defunctionalized colon is not listed in literature as a complication of colorectal surgery. Moreover, to our knowledge there is no literature describing defunctionalized colon from a prior colectomy for Colo Rectal Cancer (CRC) masquerading as an intra-abdominal cyst as a potential complication of colorectal surgery. We describe the diagnosis and management of a 46-year-old patient with a recurrent symptomatic colonic cyst in this report.


Hwang D, Davis J, Obokhare I. Case Report: Recurrent Giant Symptomatic Colonic Cyst. Clin Surg. 2019; 4: 2279.

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