Clin Surg | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Catamenial Pneumothorax: Presentation of an Uncommon Pathology: Review of Topic

Rui Haddad1*, Caterin Arévalo2 and David Nigri3

1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Hospital Samaritano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2Resident of General Surgery, Universidad delSinú, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
3Department of Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy, Hospital Samaritano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

*Correspondance to: Rui Haddad 

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The catamenial pneumothorax is defined as the accumulation of air in the pleural cavity that appears in women infrequently and spontaneously with various clinical presentations. Actually, it is considered as an extremely rare entity with few cases described in the literature, that is the reason why the etiology is still discussed. However, a strong association with thoracic endometriosis syndrome has been found. We want to emphasize how the importance of conducting a diagnosis and having a timely management would improve the quality of life of the patient and give a better prognosis of the disease. Thus, a case report of a 38-year-old female patient who was receiving hormone therapy as a treatment for abdominal endometriosis and repetitive pneumothorax was presented. In the videoassisted thoracoscopy we saw diaphragmatic lesions and pneumothorax during the perioperative and postoperative period. Emphasize the importance of a detailed inspection of each intrathoracic organ during the surgical procedure, we also showed how the intraoperative pleurodesis, the placement of a mesh on the diaphragm and the continuity of the hormonal treatment, seems to be an effective therapy to prevent recurrences and have a better control of the disease.


Catamenial pneumothorax; Endometriosis; Thoracic endometriosis syndrome; Pneumothorax


Haddad R, Ar�valo C, Nigri D. Catamenial Pneumothorax: Presentation of an Uncommon Pathology: Review of Topic. Clin Surg. 2017; 2: 1801.

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