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Rectal Irrigation (RI) in the Treatment of Defecation Disorders - A Retrospective Evaluation of a Prospective Database

Srinivasaiah N1*, Marshall J2, Gardiner A3, J Monson RT4 and Duthie G3

1St. Mark’s Hospital, UK
2Hull & East Riding NHS trust, UK
3University of Hull, UK
4Florida Hospital, USA

*Correspondance to: Srinivasaiah N 

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Background: Rectal Irrigation (RI) has been used in defecation disorders to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life (QOL). We aimed to evaluate the efficacy and acceptability of RI using health outcome measures.Methods: The study was a retrospective review of a prospective database of patients who had rectal irrigation between 2002 and 2005. The efficacy of rectal irrigation was determined by quantification of symptoms using general standardized questionnaires (GSQ). The acceptability of rectal irrigation was determined using the general health outcome measure SF-36 and the Fecal Incontinence Quality of Life (FIQL) questionnaire.Results: A total of 175 patients underwent rectal irrigation. There were 111 successful cases and 64 failures. Analysis was done only for the successful ones. Before rectal irrigation, the number of patients who completed GSQ, SF-36 and FIQL were 72, 71 and 32 respectively. Of these only 43, 43 and 22 completed the GSQ, SF-36 and FIQL respectively after rectal irrigation. GSQ analysis showed significant improvement in symptoms of straining, incomplete emptying, wind leakage and urinary leak before and after RI. SF-36 demonstrated significant difference in physical functioning (Z score -2.34; p< 0.05), social functioning (Z score -2.17; p< 0.05) and general health (Z score -1.97; p< 0.05), before and after RI (95%CI). FIQL analysis showed no statistically significant difference in the QOL after RI.Conclusion: In patients with defecation disorders, RI can offer symptomatic improvement. Most patients find the treatment acceptable.


Incontinence; scoring systems; Outcomes; Constipation; Rectal irrigation


Srinivasaiah N, Marshall J, Gardiner A, J Monson RT, Duthie G. Rectal Irrigation (RI) in the Treatment of Defecation Disorders � A Retrospective Evaluation of a Prospective Database. Clin Surg. 2016; 1: 1227.

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