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China View of the Management of Esophageal Foreign Bodies

Jiang Chang1* and Zhen Zhao2

1Department of ENT, Dongguan Children’s Hospital, China
2Department of ENT -Head and Neck, Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, China

*Correspondance to: Jiang Chang 

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Which way to remove foreign bodies in children is best way has been the subject of much controversy over the years. N Western, South America (such as Brazil) and many other countries.Objective: To apply Foley catheter guided in the removal of esophageal foreign bodies of children.
Method: 12 cases of esophageal foreign bodies were removed by Foley catheter, 1 case the foreign body of proximal gastric junction were taken down to the stomach and discharged through the digestive tract.Results: In these group 13 cases, 12 cases were one-time removal, 1 cases foreign body by the anus automatic discharge. No complications were reported in this group.Conclusion: For children with esophageal foreign body, application of Foley catheter guided combined with anesthesia for esophageal foreign body with smooth edges, simple equipment, easy operation, little pain, low cost, and lack of equipment basic hospital. Foreign body in the lower part of the esophagus, some children can be pushed into the stomach by endoscopic and then eliminated by the natural digestive tract.


Foreign bodies; Children; Foley catheter


Chang J, Zhao Z. China View of the Management of Esophageal Foreign Bodies. Clin Surg. 2016; 1: 1221.

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